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To God’s glory ministry has continued to support Robinah through giving her family a monthly food package which contains corn flour, matches, beans, rice, sugar, salt and a bar of soap. On 18th August 2016, we repaired Robinah’s mud and brick hut robinah photowhich was in a bad condition as the roof leaked when it rained, and was about to fall on the ground due to the poor construction. We raised the house roof with lumber, put new roofing on the house, and strengthened the cracked walls by rebuilding them. We installed a rain gutter for Robinah also her water source is quarter mile or more from her home. We also provided her with a bed frame, complete set of beddings which includes; mattress, blanket, mosquito net, bed sheets.

Robinah’s baby John and the rest of the family members are doing well and we are thankful to God for that. As always To God Be the Glory!

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