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By Don Baker

Shephone, is six years old, in preschool, she was born with a physical disability. Shephone’s mothers name is Mary, fathersstory1 name is Paul and has a little brother named Robin. Shephone’s mother had a prolonged labor of almost two days before delivering. Shephone’s mother realized her daughter had a physical disability when she was four months old. Shephone has cerebral palsy.

I met Shephone in the summer of 2015 at her school, I recognized her cerebral palsy immediately, for my one brother was born with cerebral palsy also. Spending time with Shephone, I realized with therapy she would be able to walk. Shephone is a huge reason that To God’s Glory Ministry was established. For God would not allow me to walk away leaving this child confined to a wheel chair for life, when it need not be that way. God has used Shephone mightily! Through God, my brother, who is turning 60 this year, God is using his handicap to help Shephone and other handicapped children in Uganda.

This is the power of God. His wisdom, His ability, His plan! Praise God!!

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