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To God’s Glory ministry was introduced to Sarah, 32 years of age, while visiting the hospital on January 22nd, 2016. She was lying semi consciously on her hospital bed with a hugeSARAH PHOTO. CLIENT ulcer that was on her foot from complications of diabetes, with severe infection that had entered her blood stream. Honestly she was more dead than alive. She was in need of expensive antibiotics as well of medication, her family could in no way afford to purchase. So To God’s Glory ministry purchased all necessary medicine, and worked with doctor and hospital staff. Sarah improved, the antibiotic worked to stop the infection, and slowly the ulcer on her foot began healing. She was discharged on February 26th. We transported her to her family’s home, which is a mud hut. We continued to supply her with necessary medicine. We also supplied a mattress, sheets, blankets and mosquito nets. We continued to check on her weekly and also delivering food. Many times her and her family repeatedly thanked the ministry for saving her life.

She continued getting on well until the 6th of May when she was re-admitted to hospital due to drop in her blood sugar level.

On the fateful day of 8th, may, Sarah’s health condition deteriorated, her blood sugar levels raised and the attendant at the hospital thought that the sugar levels had dropped, not checking so she went ahead and gave her a mixture of sugar solution as first aid to help her blood sugar levels to go back to normal which was not right, this led her to the worst possible scenario and she passed away, and her body was laid to rest on the following day.

The ministry is grateful for being able to know Sarah and being part of giving her some extra 150 days with her family. To God’s Glory!

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