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Baby Kasifa was the last born among the nine children, Madina the mother to Kasifa is 33 years and the father is 35 years 

When Kasifa was six months old, the mother realized that the daughter was experiencing difficulty in breathing, they took her to Nalufenya children hospital in May 2015. When the mother took her to hospital she was diagnosed with a heart problem and they referred them to Mulago hospital to the heart institute for further diagnosis. The family didn’t go due to lack of finances.

To God’s Glory team came to know Kasifa on March 2016, Kasifa was 1 year and four months old. She was malnourished with sunken eyes, and a swollen abdomen, she was experiencing difficulties in breathing. The team introduced baby Kasifa to a nutritious diet. We bought milk, millet flour and soya beans flour for porridge. We did this so that the baby could receive more proteins and fiber in her diet to help her gain some energy because she was weak. And this was done for three weeks.

Baby Kasifa had started improving and she was looking lively, so we encouraged her mother to take her back to the hospital for further examination, on arriving the hospital because the mother was still breast feeding, the doctor advised the mother to take an HIV test. Unfortunately the results turned out to be positive. For this reason was not referred to the national hospital (heart institute) in Mulago because she was supposed to be tested for the presence of HIV status too, this process was to take one week as the patient waits at the hospital.

On the 12th /04/2016 in the morning, we went back to the hospital to check on baby Kasifa as usual because we were providing meals and medication basing on the doctor’s prescription, Kasifa was lying down on her hospital bed playing. Our hopes raised, we were grateful to God that she was looking better. So the team left the hospital in the evening and we promised to check on them the next day,

Early the next morning at 6am Miriam one of our team member received a call from Madina (Kasifa’s mother) that the baby had passed away, it was shocking news To God’s glory team because the baby was improving. We set off in our van up to the hospital, the mother was in tears and she didn’t have any money to facilitate her in terms of transport. We transported Kasifa’s body to their burial grounds. Her body was laid to rest on same day Kasifa’s family is Muslim family. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Kasifa’s family was grateful towards the medical assistance, food provision and taking care of Kasifa during the difficult time of trial.

Truly this was To God's Glory, in sharing God's love to this family, a testimony of Jesus' love to them. The Gospel was shared in both words and deeds.

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