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Baby Rahuma was born on the 15th/may/2016, she appeared to be a healthy baby girl the mother was so happy not until the Doctors unveiled the sad news to her that her little girl Rahumahad an opening at the lower spine (spina-bafida) then she was referred to Mulago hospital the National hospital in Uganda for further management. Rahuma was transferred to mulago on the 17th/may/2016 and she was admitted for a month before the surgery of the spina-bafida, the operation took place on the 10th/June/2016 but after the surgery the fluids went to her brain, resulting into hydroceplus (water on the brain)

After this incident Rahuma’s mother was referred to Cure International children’s hospital for the hydroceplus management as soon as possible, unfortunately Rahumas’ family could not afford the cost of the surgery. So she gave up and stayed home with her helpless child waiting for whatever may come.

On 26th/August/2016, we had gone for the physio-therapy exercise and massage with one of the handicapped children, Rahuma's mother approached us there and shared with us what was happening. We asked her to bring baby Rahuma and that’s when the ministry intervened, we took Rahuma to a local children’s hospital, for more examination, they also referred Rahuma to Cure international children’s hospital, The ministry then provided to Rahuma's mother transport and money for upkeep as she waited for the hydroceplus surgery which costs 950,000ug shs (288Usd), which To God's Glory Ministry paid.

The surgery took place on the 03rd/September/2016 and it was successful we give God the Glory. Her head has reduced in size, she will be taken back for review on the 10th/October/2016 .However, Rahuma may need additional surgery depending upon Doctor’s evaluation. We believe God will heal Rahuma completely.

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