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Robinah is aged 25 years old, she is now a mother of five children. She got married at an early age 0f 16 years due to alarming poverty at their home and she married a husband20160301 123256 who has not been supportive, and since he discovered that she was expecting again. He abandoned the family never came back, leaving Robinah struggling to take care of her children as a single mother.

To God’s glory as a team came to know Robinah on 1st March during the monthly food package deliveries to the elderly, She was about five months pregnant expecting her fifth born, basing on the situation in which Robinah and her children are living in, the team decided to add Robinah to the food package list of every month. So we have been supporting and encouraging her to give birth from the hospital. But unfortunately her labor pains started off at around 3am in the morning on 7th/june/2016, she was unable to get any assistance in terms of transport to take her to the hospital, so she gave birth from home to a healthy baby boy all by herself without anyone to help her.

God helped her to have a normal delivery but unfortunately, Robinah had gotten a uterine inversion but she did not realize it until 10am in the morning, then Robinah walked carrying her new born, seriously walked,1km searching for assistance. She found someone with a phone and called Miriam one of the team members asking her for help. Miriam went and picked her from her remote village home and brought her to Jinja hospital for treatment. Robinah had some retained placenta that was removed by the help of the doctor and the uterus was supported and pushed back. Miriam stayed with Robinah at hospital until she discharge and secured transport for her to return home.

To God’s glory, managed to support Robinah by clearing the hospital bills, bought baby cloths, bed coverings, basin, soap, and gave her some money for food and medicine.

Robinah left the hospital with a smile, glorifying the almighty God for help she had received.

With all that happened, we as the team give back the glory to the almighty for helping Robinah to pass through that critical moment and for enabling us to come in and give her the necessary support she needed.

We will continue support Robinah.

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