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Sarah, is 8years old, she is disabled, staying with her mother who is 58years of age, Sarah is the youngest of 8 children, some ofstory2 whom are young adults, father left when he noticed that Sarah was disabled. Sarah’s mother had severe malaria when she was 8 months pregnant.

She could not afford going to a doctor. She went to a drug shop, not a pharmacy, to buy malaria medicine, as it is cheaper there. When Sarah was born, at 9 months, Sarah was sick. Her mother has been taking her to a place that does physical therapy for the last 3 years. There has been some improvement in mobility.

 Sarah cannot talk, walk, sit, feed herself, hold anything on her own yet. We have also been working with Sarah for 2 months. Progress is slow, however, we are trusting and believing that our efforts will be blessed in God’s timing in improving Sarah’s health and fulfilling the ministry, To God’s Glory!


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