Our Programmes
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6399 North Wells Road, Bigtownville, CO 32748
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Our Programmes


1. Elderly care.

Under this programme, we help out the elderly, some stay with a number of grandchildren to support, do not have any source of earning to support the family members as they can no longer perform any kind of work. We offer them food on a monthly basis, beddings, bed frames to those with no beds. On our first interview with these clients we realize that most of them feel rejected in their old age as they have no one to care for them, they have no food to eat, sleep in very bad conditioned houses with poor roofs that leak, no clothing, no beddings. So we support with what the lord blessed us with so that they can also feel loved despite being old. Currently, we have 150 beneficiaries.

2. Vocational Trade Sponsorship.

This is offered to low-income youths who cannot make it to colleges and universities so they get trainings in basic employment skills which include computer training, beautician, carpentry, welding, mechanics, tailoring and catering. This training help them to obtain gainful employment hence succeeding in all aspects of life. Currently, we have 10 beneficiaries.

3. Education Sponsorship.

These are school age children from impoverished families, some of whom are orphans. Through sponsoring these children to get education, they will acquire the knowledge and skills required for them to live a better life and move out of poverty. This is a program which will enable this generation to educate the next generation and as this generation becomes the elderly, they will be able to live a better life. Currently, we have 41 beneficiaries.

4. Special Needs/Handicapped Children.

This program, we work with disabled children doing therapy and massage, improving their mobility. We spend 1 hour weekly with each child. We also instruct the mothers/care givers in how to do therapy and massage daily. The results have been outstanding and To God's Glory. Currently, we have 20 beneficiaries.

 5. Medical Care and Services.

This is given to people who cannot access medical care. Some are directed to To God's Glory Ministry Office, while some are found in the communities by our team of social workers doing home visits or at times in hospitals, lacking means of purchasing medications. Currently, we have 2 beneficiaries.


 6. Mud Hut Building and Repair

To God’s Glory Ministry identifies individual mud huts in need of rebuilding or repair. Small repairs are done as time permits. Major rebuild or repair are normally done when volunteers come to serve.


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