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6399 North Wells Road, Bigtownville, CO 32748
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About Us



To God’s Glory is a registered 501c3, Non-Profit Organization founded in 2015 to help the impoverished and needy people in Uganda and currently operating in Jinja, Uganda and neighboring districts 


Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you”


Offering God’s love to people in a practical way, that in turn gives God the glory.


  • To help individuals ,families meet basic physical needs such as food , clothing, beddings ,bedframes, etc
  • To provide better housing to people staying in poor conditions.
  • To apprentice young individuals through vocational training in skills like hair dressing ,mechanics, tailoring
  • To offer education opportunities to the needy children in various communities by sponsoring school tuition and providing educational materials.
  • To provide physical therapy, massage, equipment to the special needs/handicapped children based on their needs.
  • To help people in the communities access medical services.

Target Groups

  • Elderly
  • Youth

Special needs/handicap children

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